Kuttu Wrap


I went to Subway Yesterday and heard from a girl  Uff!!!! Mujhe bhi khana hai pizza & Wraps,kab khatam hoga yeh navrat while her friend was enjoying her meal to the core.

This gave me the idea to bring this recipe forth,why to regret while fasting,prepare this wrap and you wont feel you are fasting at all….Goon a date with durga ma & this wrap they gonna enjoy it….

Time left to fill your tummy: 10mins

Serves 2

Things to collect:


1/2 cup Kuttu aata(rahgiri aata)

1 medium sized potato

pinch of salt

water as required


For sauce 

3 spoons of curd,hung  on a muslin cloth

1/2 spoon black pepper

9-10 coriander leaves,chopped(optional as per fast preference)

1 chilli

sendha namak

for filling:

1/4 bowl small paneer cubes

1 medium potato

1/4 bowl peanuts,roasted and grinded

1 chilli

black pepper

sendha namak to taste

1/4 spoon lemon juice



  • Mix all the ingredients of base and make a tight dough,dint use much water and roll in round shape and cook on medium flame
  • Mx ingredients of sauce and apply on above paratha
  • In a pan put some oil and prepare fries using potato and in other pan  add ingredients of filling and cook,then put the mixture on paratha,roll it in a wrap
  • cut into half

Serve with fries,chutney or curd

enjoy and dont be jealous of fast food you have much better in your plate

Jai mata Di..



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