Sabudana Parantha

6th day of Navratra starts…

Navratra a festival dedicated to Maa Durga. Navratra means nine nights and nine forms of devi are worshipped ,each day Maa Durga is worshipped in new avatar , you cook new varieties of food for every guest that comes to your home then why not cook varieties each day for Ma Durga and its various forms and have a datewithfood with her…Enjoy the festival with with family, friends, FOOD, music and Maa Durga


Another Day , Another Recipe,Another reason to celebrate , Another reason to cook

Preparation & cooking time: 30 mins

Serves 2

Things to collect:

1/2 cup sabudana 

1 boiled potato

1 cup rahgiri aata

Rock salt(sendha namak)

1 green chilli

1/2 spoon black pepper 

oil for frying

water as required

Quick Steps:

Soak sabudana overnight and drain water until all moisture is removed

Mix all another Indegriendts and make a dough

Roll it in a chapati using palm

In pan cook it until golden brown on both sides

TIP: As it is very soft and difficult to roll, you can flatten using palm and then  cook it little and again press it to flatten a bit and cook 

Serve it with raita ,falhari chutney or falhari sabzi

Jai Mata Di…



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