Raw Papaya Desert

As always datewithfood wants you Stay healthy so today it brings to you a recipe that has lot of health benefits which will help you cleanse out all the dirty things if any, you had during your Navratra fast and above all for people who are trapped with dengue fever or may get affected with it…Papaya fruit/leaves help to revive platelet and hence a relief from dengue fever, apart from which Papaya helps to ease digestion and contains antioxidant agents, vitamin C, vitamin A , copper , potassium and fiber which may help to loose fat, prevents heart disease and make your skin look better and healthier.

Prepare this recipe and let your tummy relax as this is the last day of Navratra so enjoy your date with this healthy sweet..Enjoy the festival with music, food, dandia and your loved ones.

Cooking & Preparation time :30 mins

Serves 2-3

Things to collect:

100 gms raw papaya

75 gms sugar

1 whole lemon juice

2 cardamons

3-4 almonds


  • Grate the papaya and in a pressure cook cook it until it whistles twice.
  • In a pan add boiled papaya and sugar.
  • Cook it in a medium flame for at least 20 mins and keep on stirring in between.
  • Add cardamon powder, lemon juice and cook for another 5 mins
  • Serve topped with almonds.


Jai Mata Di



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