Bread pizza

Cheese is one of healthy food item if consumed in  a proper quantity as it is rich in protein and calcium and lot of other vitamins and other veggies have their health benefits,  so having pizza is not a bad idea actually a bread pizza or wheat based pizza.  Pizza is one of my favorite appetizers,  I can eat it day and night,  i am sure many of you must be having a craving for pizza but it is not possible all the time to cook pizza or get the base from the market. No worries,  datewithfood brings an alternative of solving your pizza craving issues at odd hours.

 Just take out bread pieces and put your favorite toppings on it. Add cheese and bake it,  ready to eat, sounds easy and yes it is. 

Have a look at  the ingredients :

  • 4 bread slices (use brown bread preferably) 
  • 1 tomato 
  • 1/2 green capsicum 
  • 1 onion 
  • Few onion rings
  • 1 spoon corn (optional) 
  • 1 green chilli 
  • Mozeralla cheese 
  • Pinch of Black pepper 
  • Pinch of sugar 
  • Salt 
  • oregano (optional) 


  • In a pan add drop of oil,  add green chilli, tomatoes and onion both finely chopped,  little salt,  pepper and sugar and saute till both are cooked. 
  • Chop capsicum finely. 
  • Take bread slices,  put tomato onion paste,  capsicum and onion rings,  sprinkle salt and pepper and top with cheese as much as required by you. 
  • Bake it in oven  for 5-6 minutes until they become brown and crisp and the cheese melts or you can cook it on a  tawa/skill let by covering with a lid. 
  • Sprinkle oregano and enjoy your pizza anytime. 

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