Mystery of  4  soaked almonds

There is a big mystery that soaked almonds should be eaten early morning to start your day,  mom keeps on saying badam kha le dimag tez hga,  budhi khulegi,  my friend told me akal toh Hai nai 4 badam khaya Kar subah subah, so my reply was yaar khati toh huin so he said dimag mei nai health pe lg raha Hai vo… So I kept on wondering wat is the use of eating soaked almonds everyday morning and guess what I found… 

Eating soaked almonds daily before starting your day has got lot of health benefits :

  • Soaked almonds contain enzymes that gets activated when soaked in water thereby making it easily digestable and its ability to absorb nutrients faster, so four soaked almonds has following 4 benefits. 
  • Healthy brain :

Soaked almonds provides nutrients that help to make your brain grow and strengthen your brain,  this is the reason why it’s always recommended to eat almonds. 

  • Provides energy :

Eating a handful of soaked almonds provide energy which keeps you activated during the day. 

  • Regulates blood pressure :

Helps in regulating flucating blood pressure and maintaing at a balanced level 

  • Strengthen bones :

It helps in strengthening your bones as it contains calcium and also provides a check on your cholesterol level by lowering it. 

So here gets the mystery revealed, start soaking at least four almonds and consume daily in the morning for healthier you.. 

#Stayhappy#Stay healthy.. 


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