3 simple bread breakfast recipes

​Breakfast is an important meal of the day, it’s always said that eat your breakfast like a king.A full fledged breakfast is important as it provides energy to the body required for keep your body running, but it’s not always possible to cook a full fledged meal and we tend to skip our breakfast or munch few things that doesn’t fulfill the body requirement so it’s better to have bread and stay full if you are in hurry. 

Eating toast daily sounds monotonous so why not prepare recipe’s that are simple and quick. 

1Garlic and cheese toast 


  • 2 slice bread ( any bread of your choice,  brown bread is more preferable) 
  • Garlic stems 
  • Grated cheese
  • Oregano 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper 
  • Chili flakes 


  • Take bread slices, rub garlic if you don’t want too much of it else in  a bowl mix spoon of butter and chopped garlic. 
  • Now add grated cheese on bread slices,sprinkle salt, pepper,  oregano and chill flakes and toast In a sandwitch toaster or oven or in a pan.

    2. Bread Uttapam 


    • 4 bread slices 
    • 2 spoons Semolina 
    • 4 spoons flour 
    • Salt 
    • Pepper 
    • Green chili chopped finely 
    • Onion chopped finely 
    • Milk or water 


    • In a bowl mix all ingredients except bread slices and make a smooth batter. 
    • Dip the bread slices and toast in a pan or microwave for 10 minutes. 

    3. Vegetable and cream toast 


    • 4 bread slices 
    • 2-3 spoons of cream ( you can use the normal cream which emerges in your milk no need of buying from market or use curd) 
    • Veggies of your choice( capsicum, onion, etc) 
    • Salt 
    • Black pepper 
    • Green chili 
    • Oregano 
    • Chilli flakes

    Method :

    • Mix all ingredients in a bowl and apply on bread. Toast and get set go. 

    These are simple recipes that you can cook anytime and a full tummy without compromising on health.